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    … and have since 2003, when we became responsible for conceptualising, designing, and implementing the corporate magazine of Wacker Chemie AG, a successful worldwide chemical group with 13,500 employees on five continents. Through its “WWW” (Wacker WorldWide) magazine, the company reports on interesting topics and projects from the world of silicones, polymers, biosolutions, and polysilicon. Customers and other stakeholders receive the detailed magazine in German, English, or Chinese – including in a digital version upon request. Additional publications, such as newsletters and special editions, are also provided as needed.


    Strong images, and understandable texts.

    The magazine has the task of making products and processes visible and understandable. This is an exciting challenge in the complex world of chemistry.


    The more demanding the subject matter, the clearer the design must be.

    Professional project management
    The magazine’s success is based on an excellent working relationship with the various Wacker employees around the world, but also with writers, photographers, and translators.