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    Building cohesion among tesa employees

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    “Employer branding” is a term used for employee appreciation these days. tesa shows just how much it values its more than 4,000 employees around the world in various ways – including its inside:tesa magazine, which has been published four times annually for years. We teamed up with tesa’s corporate communications department to design the publication back in 2005. The goal? To strengthen a sense of shared identity among tesa employees all over the world. Since then, the magazine’s stories about people, products, and processes have been read regularly in four languages: in addition to versions in German and English, the magazine is also published in Spanish and Chinese. And its impact reaches beyond the company. Customers and other stakeholders also appreciate the quality of the magazine, which has garnered various awards and distinctions. For example, just recently it won a 2018 Astrid Award in New York, where inside:tesa prevailed over stiff worldwide competition to take the Gold and the Grand Award in the “Employee Magazines” category.


    Authenticity and professionalism are front and centre in both the photos and texts used. The content needs to fit the company’s strategy and stance, of course. But it’s equally important to present topics in such an interesting way that people enjoy reading about them.

    The essentials are conveyed as soon as you browse through the magazine.


    Illustrations make complex processes and technologies easier to understand.

    An intuitive format guides readers through the magazine. Info boxes, graphics, headlines, photos, and captions let readers grasp the subject quickly and decide what they are most interested in. The internal editorial staff and external design team work together like a well-oiled machine, guaranteeing this level of quality.