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    Employer Branding

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    • Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH

    Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe (OSTE) is the European centre for medical technology within the Olympus Corporation. Recruiting highly qualified employees and earning their loyalty is essential to success at this high-tech firm, which is why employer branding is a top priority. In late 2015 we partnered with OSTE to implement a multimedia content marketing concept tailored to employees. The concept is anchored by a new corporate website, various corporate videos, and a new employee magazine.

    The recruiting of capable engineers, skilled workers, and apprentices and trainees is a top priority at OSTE. With this in mind, the website focuses on employees and their exciting day-to-day work – the products come later.


    Working at Olympus is exciting and fun. Join us - this is the message.

    When potential candidates are approached at trade fairs or via job postings, a look at the website comes before a phone call – and first impression is crucial.


    Authenticity was the main goal during the shooting.

    Younger people in particular find professional videos more persuasive than the usual brochures.

    What kind of environment awaits me? Who will my colleagues be, and what kinds of tasks can I look forward to? These questions are answered by employees in the videos, conveying a feeling that they are right at home at OSTE.

    Videos, website and magazine – all media are now coordinated.

    The title of the new magazine says it all: scope aims to offer new insight into the company, with a focus on its employees. The magazine is published in pocket format four times a year, in three languages, for all employees in Europe.


    These are exciting stories about projects, locations, products and of course always also the employees.

    The challenge: not to always focusing on the products in a high-tech company.

    Whether the magazine or the website, the feedback from employees has been excellent.


    Not only consumption, but also participation is the motto.

    Creative solutions are needed when it comes to making high-tech endoscopes and employees fresh and exciting, again and again.


    Media shapes the corporate culture.