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    A shift to the digital world has brought complex requirements for companies, and communication. We worked with the world’s leading manufacturer of rail technology to develop a content platform that provides all stakeholders with the content relevant to them, in multimedia form. From short posts and videos via LinkedIn and Facebook to more complex information communicated through the intranet or the company’s external newsletter, the database-supported platform provides everything on an individual basis for a wide range of different users.

    The central medium is the MOVE – content platform.

    For decades, printed brochures and magazines were the central media that Bombardier Transportation used to share information and boost customer engagement and loyalty. That’s different now. Through Especially with digital media in particular, the company reaches its stakeholders right indirectly via their preferred information channels. A multimedia content platform is now the key communication medium.

    The first step was to shift content from printed publications to digital and mobile media.


    ``MOVE`` is now not only the title of the publications, but also an invitation to digital change.

    But it wasn’t long before that wasn’t enough. Users of digital and mobile media want faster, shorter, more visual information than readers of printed magazines.

    As a result, we developed a database-driven content platform for Bombardier Transportation. This platform presents all of the current texts, images, graphics, and videos. Information overload? No, since the platform sorts the content that is relevant to each user and learns on an ongoing basis what interests the user.

    Videos are suitable means for communication via the social media. When a customer expresses in a video how satisfied they are with their partner Bombardier Transportation, there is hardly anything more convincing.

    From Internal Communication to Employer Branding


    The same applies to Bombardier Transportation's intranet: keep it brief and a multimedia-based.

    “If you take care of the inside, the inside will take care of the outside.” This PR adage still applies, especially in the digital age. The wealth of information provided must be consistent. That’s why Bombardier focuses on quality for its intranet, as elsewhere.

    Premium books and magazines are experiencing a renaissance.


    The high-quality book on the 100th anniversary of the Signal Technology division made employees proud and customers delighted.

    The shift to digital is not replacing traditional print media – just giving them a different kind of significance. These days, high-quality magazines and books score points for having an attractive feel and appealing content more than for delivering up-to-the-minute information and including multimedia aspects.