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  • Hi there, and welcome to plan-p! We conceptualise and design multimedia content that our customers use to wow their target audiences. This page shows what, how, and for whom.

    Corporate communications, storytelling, content marketing – the names may have changed over the years, but the principle has stayed the same. It’s about using text, images, or videos to tell stories, stories that have an impact with target audiences.


    We offer our customers truly full service, from the development of a content strategy through production and all the way to distribution of various analog and digital media. But what about the many companies that don’t want the full package, but something very specific instead? We have great solutions to suit their needs, too.



    We support our customers in digital transformation. It starts with a comprehensive analysis of all available data and information. On this basis we then develop an efficient communication and content strategy.



    We design the appropriate media in line with the strategy. In addition to customer and employee magazines, annual reports and catalogues, these also include digital solutions such as content and e-commerce platforms, websites, web apps and micro-sites.



    What is creation? For us it is above all, editorial and creative services as well as the production of photos and videos. Of course the lithography, image processing and programming also require creativity.



    Content and marketing belong together, because only then the target groups engagement is achieved. That is why we also develop and implement suitable marketing measures for all media and channels.


    Our “Hall of Fame” includes a lot of big names, and no wonder – we’ve spent almost three decades developing and realising publications. One thing makes us especially proud: many of our customers have been with us a very, very long time.

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    We work with the greatest people…